10 min job: Find a link to STEM education resources for 11-12 yos


If you’d like to help us out and have 10 minutes to spare, then one very simple but important job you can do is to search Google for educational resources focused on STEM subjects that are suitable for Year 7 students, aged 11 - 12.

The existing list of resources that we’ve already gathered is here:

At this stage, we are looking for anything that’s even vaguely relevant, such as:

  • Videos about STEM subjects, demos, women in STEM, jobs in STEM etc.
  • Resources for teachers about STEM subjects
  • How to encourage girls into STEM
  • Information on demos
  • Information on running after-school clubs around STEM subjects
  • Organisations or groups supporting teachers

Don’t worry too much about whether what you find is ‘right’ or not - we can sort out the list later. Just add your link as a new post to the discussion listed above.

Thank you!


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