10 types of scientist

The Science Council put together a list of ten types of scientist:


  • Explorer
  • Investigator
  • Developer/Translational
  • Service provider/operational
  • Monitor/regulator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Communicator
  • Teacher
  • Business/Marketing
  • Policy maker

I wonder if we could think of ten women who embody an example of each type?

That’s an interesting project! I’ll have a think. I don’t know whether she’d fit for explorer, but I think Cindy Lee Van Dover could possibly be an explorer, given that she was the first female pilot of ALVIN and participated in over 100 dives exploring the deep sea.

Oooh, she sounds a) ace and b) like an archetypal explorer!!

I’ve just found out about a couple of amazing women. Helen Taussig and Mary Gibbon. Helen Taussig was a pioneering cardiologist and Mary Gibbon worked with her husband John to invent and develop the heart-lung machine. What is interesting (and highly relevant to our wikipedia discussion) is that not only does she not have her own wiki page but she is only mentioned on John’s as his wife. From the description you’d get the impression he worked along, even though one of the references explicitly mentions her contribution (“Advances in the heart-lung machine after John and Mary Gibbon”). I’m sorely tempted to do a bit more reading on her and not only edit John’s page but create one for her.

Do it!!!

Will look into those two women when I get a mo!

I’ll see what I can do. I’ll quite possibly need some help regarding the actual editing though, so if you (or anyone else) has any advice please let me know.

While on holiday I found out the names of some pioneering Norwegian women and made a note of them for here.

Kristine Bonnevie, a Norwegian biologist and Norway’s first female professor. Her fields of research were cytology, genetics and embryology.

Gidsken Jakobsen, the second Norwegian woman to get a pilot’s licence and a founder of an airline.