15 min job: Research the organisations that support women in STEM


As you may know, we have a new-ish resources project, where we’re trying to create profiles of organisations that support women in STEM in some way.

We are initially looking for non-profit, grassroots or charitable organisations that work primarily with girls and women in STEM that are open to the general public (either completely open, or via an associate membership). We can also include businesses that support women via publicly available initiatives that non-employees can engage with.

We have not had a huge success so far with trying to get people to add their own organisations, so I’d like to call on volunteers to do the research and add info to our spreadsheet for us. We can then share the profile with the organisation for a fact check before publication. So don’t worry about making it perfect, just get as much information as you can and that will at least get us started.

The form you’ll need to fill in is here:


Where it asks for name and email, just put your name and “volunteer”, so that we know that it’s not a representative of the organisation itself who’s submitting the details.

In the next post I have listed a bunch of organisations that we can start with.

Thank you for your help!!



Potential organisations to research:

If you have an organisation and you’re not sure if it fits our criteria, add it anyway and we’ll take a look.

This post is a wiki, so when you add an organisation to the spreadsheet, please click on the green pencil icon at the top right of the post to edit, write “added by username” next to the organisation that you’ve added, and move it to the “Done” list below, eg:

Organisations that have been done



Just submitted one through the form and added to the list - hope I’ve done it correctly!

eniphaest :smile:

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Fabulous! Excellent job! :smiley: Thank you!



I’m currently in a process of looking for potential partners to work with for an event I will manage in my organisation. Although this organisation has no formal objective of supporting women in STEM (we merely organise a programming contest), we were granted a subvention last year by Google RISE project to run an initiative that reaches girls. Which we did with a fair success. We brought ten girls who weren’t already at university to teach them about computer science and careers in IT (by the means of classes, conferences, meeting with women in IT etc.)

We will most probably renew this for this year and I’ve driven myself in digging more about what’s related around us. So to go back to the subject of this thread, would you be interested if I submit organisation that operate in France? I’m not sure what your scope is.



I’m very happy to have organisations from around the world, but if it’s a specific scheme that is for women in STEM, then focus on explaining that aspect that in your submission rather than the boarder organisation. There’s a lot of value in people seeing what can be done! If I have any questions, I can always email you and we can work out any issues.