1st International Workshop on the Leadership of Women in Computing Science, 14 June, Trondheim



We Lead is a leadership program for women in academic positions in Computing Sciences with the goal of helping to advance their scientific careers. The program involves a number of computing science faculties and departments in Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). We are happy to announce the 1st international workshop held in conjunction with ICE 2016.

The goals of our program, which was launched in 2014, include: enhancing the leadership and strategic skills of the participants; encouraging women to participate more in networking in order to take a firm stand in scientific positions; and encouraging women to take top science and technology leadership positions and act as mentors to fellow women. The leadership program also involves professional training to be able to manage the gender biases that are embedded in the current system, and be more strategic in scientific career development and advancement.

More information about the WeLead program and the workshop. The workshop covers mentor and mentees issues for women in academia (Postdoc, PhD, MSc, BSc) and in industry.

You are hereby invited to contribute a 1 page short paper to the workshop addressing at least one of the following subjects:

Communication tools between mentor and mentee
Mentorship timeline and frequency
Critical success factor(s)
Emotional baggage and mentorship
Cultural aspects
Mentor role model concept
How to be a mentee?
Influential factors in choosing a mentor: men vs. women
Women dominated and men-dominated working environment and mentorship differences
Interdependency issues for mentees: how much mentorship is enough?
Motivation for participation in gender-based mentorship programs

All accepted contributions will be published on the ICE Conference Online Proceedings. There is also a plan to have a special issue in an international journal based on the extended workshop contributions.

A Best Workshop Paper award will be given to the best workshop contribution.

More details about workshop: https://www.ntnu.edu/web/welead/workshops

The deadline for contributions (position papers): April-20th, 2016

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