5 min job: Look for ALD-related videos online


This is a super easy and simple task!! I’d like to put videos on the ALD website, and I know there are quite a few ALD-related videos out there, but I’ve just never had a chance to trawl Google and YouTube to find them all.

If you have five minutes, just do a search on Google or YouTube and add any videos you find to this thread:

Don’t worry about the Royal Institution ones, or the ones on our YouTube channel - I already know about them!! :wink: Anything else though, please add!



are you looking for ALD items specifically, or are you looking for prominent presentations of science in general?



Hi!! For this task, I’m looking for videos specifically related to ALD, so interviews that mention it or are with me, videos of ALD events (except the ones from ALD Live 2013 and 2014 as I know where those are!), videos of independent events, etc.