60 things for kids to do at home

Another blog post from A Mighty Girl here, with lots of different suggestions for things to do at home.


Some that may be more relevant for here are:

Read Mighty Girl Books
There is another post which has all the ones recommended on A Mighty Girl that cover STEM.

Discover Inspiring Women of History
There are plenty of blog posts on A Mighty Girl, but also here in our community forum, particularly in the Women in STEM category.

Learn to Code
There are several resources in this forum that can help with coding, for instance Girls Who Code and Vidcode.

Become A Local Naturalist

Get Hands On With Science
There are plenty of resources in this forum for DIY science activities, for eg The GiST and Girlstart

Dig Into Geology

Build Something Big
We have engineering learning resources available here from the Royal Academy of Engineering and the IET.

Get Playful With Math
Resources on our forum that may help include the NCETM.

Try Some Basic Woodworking

Learn About The Stars and Space
Resources on our forum that may be relevant are the Principia Mission Space Diary guide for girls and Women at NASA.