About the Worldwide Events category

Are you organising an event for Ada Lovelace Day this year? Would you like to get some ideas and maybe some people to collaborate with? This is the place for you! First, some links:

If you’d like a little inspiration, take a look at some of the events people have put on in the past:

We’ve had events from conferences to pub quizes, from yarnbombings to art exhibitions, from hackathons to Wikipedia editathons, and everything in between!

And don’t forget that although Ada Lovelace Day is this year on 8 October 2019, you don’t have to hold your event on that day, you can choose any nearby dates that works best for you!

So please do feel free to discuss idea, ask for help, and take a look at what others are doing!

Thank you Suw for introducing me to this awesome community!

You’re welcome! There’s a lot of interesting stuff here to read, though we’re quite small and quiet. We’re very happy to have you here though!!

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