Ada Lovelace Day, Enugu Nigeria. We need sponsors


Hi Community, I will be organizing the first ever Ada Lovelace Day event in Nigeria. I am the Lead Women Tech Makers Organizer in Enugu, Nigeria and when i saw an email on the group mailing list about this awesome event, i read through all the details and discovered that this was exactly the right event we @ WTM Enugu can use to bring more women in technology out for better visibility in Eastern Nigeria.

The trend in technology has declined drastically in my city and it actually bother’s me a lot that a city once known for it’s brilliance is now a silent yard and women who are very intelligent hardly show up for tech events.

Enugu’s DevFest season is on and the first event will hold on the 26th of this month (September) which will introduce ladies, men, novice and beginners to the beautiful world of web development with hands on code labs and training. we are hoping that women turn up more than before.

Before and during this event we will collate email addresses of all the ladies that registered and send them personal invites to Ada Lovelace event. We will encourage ladies and women to grace this event and one thing we can do is make this event free to achieve our purpose.

I hereby plead to investors who will like to make the Nigerian/African female great once again to reach out to us and help with monetary support so we can pay bills for the event venue and also provide refreshments for these lads.

We are open to any amount of monetary support and will build a web site after the event where we will post all our event sponsors and also publicize what they do in our country Nigeria through other direct media.



Hi Nneka! I’ve tweeted this for you and will include it in our next newsletter too! Good luck!

And for those visiting this page from Twitter, the event and Nneka’s contact details are here:

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Visibilty for women is what we crave. Thank you Suw, keep up the good work!

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Thanks, Nneka!



Hi Suw,

We moved our 2015 GDG Enugu DevFest Events to 26th - 28th November and we will now hold Enugu Ada Lovelace day on the 28th of November from 2pm @ Aristar Hotels New Haven, Enugu.

We thank you for all your support and we hope you keep supporting us in any possible way you can.

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