After-school activities

A few questions to discuss:

  • How can after-school activities and clubs help encourage girls to engage with STEM subjects?
  • What’s the role of all-girl clubs, such as coding clubs or robotics clubs?
  • How can teachers engage with outside experts to provide support for clubs in areas where specialist knowledge is important?
  • Is the gender of those outside experts important?
  • Do we need to get more women volunteering to help with after-school activities and, indeed, how does this fit in with women’s existing family responsibilities given that most mothers still bear much of the domestic workload?
  • Should we be looking at getting more non-mothers to volunteer?
  • What kinds of resources would be helpful?

Please pitch in!

  • I’ve had great success with - I’ve run it with girls from around 8-14 and seems to work very well for that age range.
  • I’m unsure. The classes I ran were mixed. 6 boys to 4 girls. I felt that both benefited from seeing that girls were just as good (if not better) than the boys.
  • The hard part is arranging for regular visits. CodeClub has a list of nearby experts - but it’s a good idea to reach out to local businesses.
  • We used men and women. Anecdotally, the kids seemed to react well to both.
  • Pass!
  • Yes - I think it’s important for both to see young, professional women. It also reduces that “OMG! Are you so-and-so’s MUM!?!?!” factor.
  • As I’ve said, CodeClub is good for Scratch, Python, and HTML. I think it’s more of a case of finding the expert and fitting the class around that.

Thanks for that, Edent. Having run these clubs, do you have any insights on what sort of information would be needed for a school or teacher to set one up?