ALD book news

As I wrote in the December newsletter, new EU VAT laws mean that I am going to have to remove our book, A Passion for Science, from sale before the end of the year. The short version of the problem is that new legislation requires any vendor selling ebooks, amongst other things, directly to customers in the EU to pay VAT in the country of purchase, rather than the country where the seller resides. Because the financial side of Ada Lovelace Day is currently subsidised by my own limited company, the new law would require me to register for and pay EU VAT, even if I only sold one copy of A Passion for Science to one person in the EU. 

The logistical overheads of this are untenable at the moment, and whilst I could sell the book through a marketplace like Amazon, I do not have time to get that set up before 1 January. Ironically, this legislation was intended to ensure that Amazon pays its fair share of tax, but is having the unintended side effects of forcing many nano-businesses to shut down, or driving them away from independent retailing and into the arms of the behemoths.

Next year's book is still in production, and in the New Year I will be reassessing our options with regards publication. But until I have the chance to sit down and research the different marketplace, I'm afraid I'll have to take the book down. 

If you are interested in learning more about this debacle, just search Twitter for #VATMOSS.