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My name is Anouk and I’d like to introduce you my project, Women in Science card game.

One day, I realized that my 7-year old daughter, who loves mathematics and science, didn’t have a lot of role models. People may know Einstein, but what about women?

Oh yeah, there is Marie Curie…but still?

So my husband and I decided to do some research, and we were amazed about the number of women that brought significant contributions in the STEM. We have decided to create a card game (one of our friend is a designer) to know more about these women.

One women is, of course, Ada Lovelace.

You can get the card game at hxxps://

Or if you wish to only have the DIY kit, you can download for free here:

(I wanted to insert a photo, but I couldn’t).

We hope that you will enjoy the game!

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Looks great LuanaGames, thanks for sharing! :smile:

Hey there!

I created few t-shirt designs with Ada:

If you wish some other text you would like to wear, just let me know!

And happy Ada Lovelace Day!


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I am an electrical engineer and founder of Butterfly Books. I can’t say I had any female role models when I was pursuing an engineering career, but thankfully there have been a lot of encouraging male engineers I have met along the way. People need role models they can relate to, which is why it is great to see all these female engineers putting their stories out there! As it’s Ada Lovelace Day, I would like to share details of our first published book “My Mummy is an Engineer”, which introduces children (3-7 years) to the exciting world of engineering. Further details are on our website: (Watch out for My Mummy is a Scientist out next year!!) The books are also available on Amazon. I hope you enjoy!

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VKing, those t-shirts are beautiful, and Kerrine, the book looks great - such a good idea. Thank you both for sharing.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I want to make of your knowledge a picture book I wrote and illustrated, an outlandish fiction in which Ada Lovelace appears prominently.

Best regards

Nuncio Casanova

Hiya, I clicked the link but it asked me for a password.