Any New York City area folks on this listserv?


I’d love to partner with some folks here in the US NYC metro-region on getting some Ada Lovelace Day events in motion.



Sorry JennF, I’m in old York :slight_smile:
I hope as the forum picks up in numbers you’ll find someone to team up with



I’ll put a link in the newsletter and see if anyone is interested. I’ve also tweeted this thread. However, I have noticed in the past that people don’t tend to get organising quite this early!! 

It might be worth looking in your area for existing organisations that you could pair up with, and where you might find a ready-made audience. In the UK I’d be looking for a Cafe Scientifique, or a Skeptics in the Pub group to join and go from there. I’m sure there must be similar groups in New York! 



This is the first time I have seen your February message.

Hofstra University is doing it’s second Ada Lovelace Day program on Long Island. Prof. Julia Markus of our English Department has a book, “Lady Byron and Her Daughters,” coming out for Ada Lovelace Day, and we expect to feature her in our program (

Elizabeth.Scott at




Here is an update to our July message.

Hofstra University is holding its second Ada Lovelace Day program on Long Island for 2015. Danielle Horowitz, a 2005 Hofstra Department of Computer Science graduate, will be our speaker for this year’s Ada Lovelace Day.

Liz Scott for the
Ada Lovelace Day committee
Department of Computer Science