Arting and crafting


Because, well, where else am I going to whitter on about all my crafty stuff?

I’ve just set up a new embroidery project, probably the largest one I’ve done so far. It’s a bit NSFW, though, but the friend I’m doing this for is going to love it.

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I love that picture. Can’t wait to see it embroidered though!



I have done all the lettering, though half way through I learnt a potentially better technique instead of split stitch, which can get a bit fuzzy with this wool. Apparently you do a running back stitch and then whip it. But too late now.

I had to order more wool, and in the meantime started another projects, but that wool has come so I need to crack on with it. Can’t wait to get on to the Bayeux stitch on the tree and woman now!



Hmm, seems like this is the right place for this post, yup.

Well I was minding my own business last week when a plump envelope flumped through the door. I was most surprised. I was not expecting anything.

Inside was, well, a crafty treat indeed.

A delicate cushion, even more delicately embroidered. Is it just me, or is there a Medieval/Tudor vibe going on here? A little piece of a decorative detail from a Medieval manuscript? At all events, I love the little gold highlights, and horticultural theme!

Thank you Suw :smile:



I’m so glad that you like it, TP!! I made it as a practice piece for tambour, and learnt an awful lot doing it (the main thing of which was that tambour is better when you have a few long lines, not lots of short ones because sewing in those ends afterwards is a real trial!! I also learnt that whilst nylon organza is great to work with, it’s very hard to mount as you can’t attach it to a fabric with any sort of weave because it creates interference patterns, so instead it has a layer of wadding between it and the backing.

I have since learnt that a loose weave linen is quite good for tambour too, though the one I bought is a very dark ecru, so not suitable for every design. I have been using the same type of cotton threads on it, in red, white and blue, to create a miniature Union Jack, which I’ll finish when I get back from the UK.

I bought some lovely merino wool from Wales, which looks fabulous both when embroidered with and used in tambour, so seriously considering doing some full-size cushions! Though working out a design is always a challenge. Not my forte!

I have also just finished a piece for my friend Kate, using said merino wool in Bayeux stitch and stem stitch, which I’ll post a photo of once she’s got it (she’s a member here though she rarely visits and I’d hate for her to see it and have the surprise ruined!).

Meantime, I’ve been working on getting some giant silk curtains split in two so that they’ll actually fit our windows! Not thrilling crafting, but needs to be done. And they do look gorgeous when hung! (We bought the curtains at 90% off - red Thai silk! They’re delightful!)

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I finished my Bayeux style embroidery for my friend:

Am now working to attach velcro to a rug so we can hang it on the wall, then will try to finish my crocheted shawl. Always something to do!

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Thank you! If I did it again, I’d make the text bigger, and put a double space between each word so that there’s more room for the little dot. But otherwise, I was happy with it!



It’s wicked, Suw, really fab. Hope your friend loves it.



She does! She’s going to get it framed so I’m looking forward to seeing that!