Broadly, for women who know their place



Did no one think through that name and tagline? Seriously?



This is a joke, right? It’s an April fool from someone who’s been fooled by the weather into thinking it’s earlier in the year than it actually is.

For women who know their place. Bloody hell. I just don’t know what to say.

You know that thread looking for examples of why diversity is important? This story goes there. You can just imagine some man coming up with this and thinking it was hilarious. Well, it’s going to be hilarious to see this thing tank.



Let’s just say it’s not floating on Twitter.



Hahaha, it’s hilarious only because the people who came up with it are either idiots or think they are being daringly ironic.

Vice was parodied in Nathan Barley wasn’t it? The magazine was called Sugar Ape…



Well it seems that Broadly is still going, as I found a fairly interesting article there. It’s still a shit name and if it’s been going for over 6 months and only just hit my radar it can’t be particularly groundbreaking.



I was struggling to figure out where to put these articles as I think they’re really important to read and understand the magnitude of what they’re saying, but they didn’t link directly to anything on here already. But then I remembered this threat and thought ‘yes!’.

So, a long time ago (2014) there was a story that became known as Gamergate, which focused around harassment of women who reported on and played video games. At the time a lot of the harassers tried to dismiss it all a just a story about ‘ethics in gaming’ but women tried to explain it was about so much more.

Roll on to the present day, a word where a sexual abuser is in the White House, racists and nazis are holding rallies and the word has generally gone completely crazy, and we get an incredible piece of investigative journalism from Buzzfeed on the rise of the ‘alt-right’ and its domination of the media and politics, particularly in the US. Tucked away in the piece is the nugget that made me put all this here. Namely that Broadly had a mole, someone who was trolling the very women he was supposed to be promoting.

The Buzzfeed piece is here and a piece specifically on the Broadly connection is here.

As an aside, it seems that Broadly is still going, though it still fails to register on my radar.