Current pack plans


My ideas about what I can reasonably produce for this resources pack have evolved a lot over the last few months, and my current plans include these resources:

  • Notes for teachers, drawn primarily from Prof Macdonald’s report.
  • Careers ‘tree’ infographic, drawn from data from HESA and HECSU
  • Careers advice website list, from Science Council (permission granted)
  • Women in STEM posters (six?)
  • Ten Types of Scientist poster drawn from Science Council (permission granted)
  • Exercises/scenarios loosely based on Mantle of the Expert (
    • Gender literacy exercise around marketing a gender neutral toy
    • Describe a scientist, based on the finding that girls respond more to adjectives than verbs
    • How do STEM careers make a difference, based on Practical Action’s finding that girls are motivated by careers that enable them to make a difference
  • Resources list of materials that support STEM teaching/learning, focused on ones that support girls
  • Relevant reports and research
  • Materials from Practical Action, who have a number of challenges we can include, (permission granted)

Any thoughts on this?



I don’t know enough about this sort of thing to be able to recognise if something is missing, but it looks great to me. I know someone who will be very happy to see Mantle of the Expert mentioned ;).

That must have been a lot of work to put together. Thank you :slight_smile:



I haven’t got or written all the content yet, so lots and lots to do. Spent yesterday afternoon gathering career data. Have lots of it. Not sure how to display it effectively though!!