Doll based on average proportions


Lammily is a doll based on real women’s proportions, and I have to say she looks fabulous! Far better than Barbie!

And whoa, this is Curvy Barbie next to Lammily:



She looks like she might be able to actually stay standing up!



Similar theme:, a site dedicated to helping people dealing with eating disorders, has photoshopped a bunch of comic book characters to reflect a more realistic body size:

The extreme body shapes of the originals come from the fictional universes in which these characters reside, and as widespread as these images may be in our culture, this certainly isn’t something that any real person could hope to achieve safely. If these characters had a figure more like that of the average person, perhaps more people could look up to their favorite superhero without feeling the need to emulate an impossible physique. Ultimately, what’s truly heroic is respecting yourself, your body, and your health.

HuffPo cover it also:

I think quite a few of them look way way better with normal proportions, but the commenters on gamespot are obviously up in arms:

What is sad about the comments is that they seem to honestly think the emaciated originals are accurate depictions of “healthy” “fit” “slim” women:

“There is nothing wrong with being in shape! “Fit” is the standard that we should aspire to be, if even just for health reasons.”

“It makes no sense that they took physically active women and made them fat. They’re not skinny; they’re in shape because they don’t lay on their asses they fight and save sh*t like the world.”

“Hate to break it to this eating disorder group, but the GTA girl is just one of many that is simply “in shape.” Actually all their choices of art pieces are pretty bad choices for their message. Millions of woman have that body by earning it. The art in no way depicts overly skinny or a poor lifestyle.”

“Are you freaking serious? Women are SUPPOSED to look like that. Not chubby. What’s wrong with you people? Men like skinny women. I hope none of that bs goes into effect.”

They honestly think that Lara Croft’s figure is realistic. How fucked up is that?