Gendered clothing


I thought we had a thread for this but I can’t find one so here it is. Calls to reduce the influence of gender in clothing - particularly for kids which have similar body shapes for boys and girls - seems to cause a huge amount of horror and anger from those who wish to perpetuate gender norms.

I really like this article which highlights the stupidity of their argument.

Why are social conservatives so triggered by John Lewis’s gender-neutral kids’ clothing?

If you really, truly believed that girls were born to be compliant and compassionate, boys to be aggressive and dominant, you wouldn’t be scared of an item of clothing undoing all of this complex hardwiring. You wouldn’t see any need to make sure the entire world knew, at all times, whether your baby had a penis or a vagina. You’d simply trust in nature to do its thing, regardless of how anyone else saw and responded to your child.


Children and gender stereotypes