Idea for courses on notable women in STEM


I have a talk that I give about Ada Lovelace, and her Day, which I have been thinking about adapting into an online course. I would host it on Udemy, which I already use for a social media strategy course (hopefully one of many), and make the price really cheap so that it becomes an impulse buy for people. My existing talk gives the history of and rationale for the Day, and covers other issues such as gender stereotyping in children’s books and toys, statistics about women in STEM, which I’d remove so that it focused just on Ada, her life and her achievements. I could also probably do one quite easily about Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, as I wrote about her for Libertine Magazine. 

Just wondering if people think this is a good idea. Would you do a course on the achievements of a woman in STEM? How much would you pay? 

Would love to hear your opinions!