Imposter sydrome


Feeling like an imposter is not a syndrome

This is a fascinating piece. Imposter syndrome is something that almost everyone feels and as such doesn’t meet the criteria for a ‘syndrome’ but, more importantly, is not something that uniquely affects women. If that’s the case then I think we need to ask much deeper questions about our society. It’s bad enough to think that half the population is walking around thinking they don’t deserve their success, but it seems that almost the entire population is walking around thinking that.

However, it’s all about the framing and I really like this framing of the issue,

‘maybe we should stop calling people who experience impostor syndrome “people who experience impostor syndrome” and start calling people who don’t experience impostor syndrome “overconfident weirdos.”’



‘Someone will find me out’ – Impostor Phenomenon and the toll it takes on working women

Gender gaps in pay, a lack of representation at senior levels of management and on boards, the over-representation of women in low-pay occupations and the intention to leave occupations such as engineering by women in mid-career feed a plausible story that women should earn less, are unsuited to leadership and are “naturally suited” to certain occupations. While the story is pervasive, it’s a sham. The narrative is fuelling incorrect assumptions and perpetuating a gender divide.