Inspiring more passion, joy, laughter, fun

I was having a really interesting conversation with a friend of mine this morning, and we were talking about how the people who seem to earn the most money (outside of those who make money for rich people, eg investment bankers), are those who have the capacity to inspire a strong positive response in others. Think about actors, musicians, sports people. On the other hand, people who work really hard on worthy issues, such as nurses, teachers, policepersons, get relatively speaking fuck all.

And then I thought about what sorts of things people will readily spend lots of money on, or projects which do really well on Kickstarter, things like iPhones, coffee paraphernalia, smartwatches etc., and again, it’s stuff that evokes a strong positive emotional response in people.

So, if that is true (and I think it roughly is), how do we use that knowledge to improve the way people relate to Ada Lovelace Day? How do we take the essence of the event and translate it into our online work? I’ve been thinking a lot about our Twitter presence, and am going to revamp it, but further ideas about how to do a better job of provoking very positive reactions in people would be very welcome!