Introducing your moderators


Vanilla doesn’t automatically indicate who is a moderator, so I’d like to take a moment to introduce you! Your moderators for this forum are: 

  • Eniphaest
  • Fishnut
  • Headdesk
  • Luehea
  • (Rubidium)
  • Suw
  • (Tylluan)
Those in brackets are less active at the moment. 

If you see spam, please do flag it, and we’ll get to it as soon as we can! Most of our moderators are in the UK, and I’m mostly in the US, so there might sometimes be a delay, but once this forum grows a bit we’ll add some more from other timezones. 



Thanks Suw - this is a good idea.

And yes, keep flagging any lovely spam threads - or if you see any other dodgy content (although this is probably covered in the rules).


Excellent.  A crack team of mods there.  :)