If you feel like it, please do feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what you do and what you’re passionate about!

Please note that we do not enforce any sort of “real” name policy, so please use the name you are most comfortable with.



Right, I’ll start, I guess! I’m Suw Charman-Anderson, founder of Ada Lovelace Day! Obviously I’m passionate about helping women in STEM, bit I’m also passionate about books, goldwork (a type of embroidery), and cats. In my day job, I’m a social technologist currently developing online training courses in social media.



I am a primary school teacher (Key Stage 1) and am particularly interested in what I can do at this level to build the foundations for girls being interested in STEM, and encouraging boys to grow up being respectful of people regardless of gender. What little spare time I have is mostly spent being a slave to my two cats.



I’m an unemployed former failed PhD student (with self-esteem issues!) who has become increasingly interested in women in STEM and sexism in general. I grew up with the full force of the ‘women can have it all’ ideology but I’ve realised it’s still not that easy and the more I look into things, the more I realise there are still innumerable invisible barriers to women (and minorities) which prevent people from achieving their full potential.

I’m a frustrated marine biologist who really wants to work with deep sea fish (the freakier the better!) but I’m interested in pretty much everything to a greater or lesser degree.



Morning! I’m a geek with an interest in STEM equality.  I teach girls and boys Scratch at a Code Club.  I also do talks at schools to get kids excited about the world of technology.




Hello everyone! Do feel free to get stuck and create new threads and join in any conversations that look interesting. Not many of us here yet, so things might be a bit quiet, but do feel free to break the silence with a post or two!

Hello! I am an undergraduate psychology student and freelance editor and proofreader. I'm interested in discussions of gender, race and class, particularly how these are represented in the media.

I like music of the metal and electronic variety, retro consoles, and infrequently blogging about sewing and other crafts.


Waves Hello everyone.
I’m an academic and an ecologist, with an interest in microbes, ecosystems, plants, climate change and suchlike. As a lecturer in higher education, I am very interested in the issues surrounding recruiting - and keeping - women in science in general and academia in particular.

Of course, being an academic, I don’t have a lot of time for “a life” as such - kind of goes with the territory - but I have a garden, 2 teenagers, a lot of unfinished knitting projects and some reasonable hills nearby to keep me on my toes.



Hello there.

I work in the railways in the area of infrastructure asset management, which is not the same asset management as the city banker types do - it’s more about trying to intelligently balance the needs of the public and the railway with funds available and restrictions on the data we can access, etc.

I’m really interested in the women in STEM issue, as, currently, sat at my desk in my open-plan office, I can see around 40 people at work, of whom no more than 8 are women. We’re missing out on so much brainpower and perspective by (consciously or unconsciously) failing to bring women into our industry, and that makes me very sad.

Outside of work, I do a lot of baking, gardening, watching of films, genealogy, and other pursuits.



I am a sea kayaker :ar!



I am an academic. I work in agriculture.

I am interested in lots of stuff, but particularly communicating science effectively and dealing with pseudoscience.

I also run a moderately-sized research group, teach, spend a lot of time extending research to farmers.


Morning all.

I’m a former analytical chemist who now works for a UK charitable body as their specialist on higher (and, increasingly, all post-16) education data and graduate careers and also as their media face. I also spend a lot of time travelling the country giving talks on HE issues.

My interests are, obviously, higher education in general, and widening participation in education in particular, but more broadly, the way the media communicates data-driven and specialist issues of all kinds.



waves at everyone 

Hello!! Very happy to see you all here! :D 


Cheers Suw

I ought also to mention that I am apt to go on about my allotment.


Cheers Suw

I ought also to mention that I am apt to go on about my allotment.

Ha ha ha. You can go on about your allotment if I can go on about my cat. :wink: Actually, once spring comes, I’ll likely be grilling you all about plants for our garden. First time I’ve ever had a proper garden I can do things with! 



It’s lovely to see familiar faces Waves at everyone :smiley:



Morning all,

I’m an academic and wannabe intellectual. I started off with a degree in physics and ended up teaching cultural theory. I’m still not entirely sure how that happened.
Pretty much like every other professional sociologist I’m the sort of middle class Marxist who shops at Waitrose.

Thanks Suw for starting this forum. I may come here mostly to bug Ken for gardening advice, because I’ll be moving soon to a place with a garden and I’ve never managed to keep a cactus alive for more than two weeks.



Hi all, I teach computer science at our local community college. I’m also a grad student. I’m pursuing an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. I’m doing my thesis on STEM in picture books.



Hi Laurie! Your thesis sounds fascinating! I’m sure a lot of people here will be interested in your work. 



Very interested indeed! :slight_smile: