I am new to this activity - but thought I'd like to say what we did last year. Trainee teachers ( primary and secondary) organised activities in their schools and then did a 'show and tell' about their work. This was really quite successful as  they did some amazing work -  until two men sat at the back began to heckle. I told them this was not acceptable and they became more aggressive before leaving the event.

My real problem is these are future teachers! What effect will they have on girls' attitudes to IT????



Welcome, Maryl! 

Thanks for sharing what you did last year. Unbelievable that people would think it appropriate to heckle a presentation in a professional context! Good on your for challenging them! 

If you’d like to talk over idea for this year, then there are a couple of threads going that might be of interest:

I look forward to hearing about your plans! 


Hi everyone! I’m wrapping up a children’s book about Ada Lovelace which I hope to send to agents next week. Suw–I contacted you last fall for help downloading your book. Hope you remember me!). In the process, I’ve become a complete Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage (and Mary Somerville) fan!

If I can find the time, I’d like to find a way to get some Ada Lovelace Day events happening here in the US in NY state. Or at least spread the word about this fantastic initiative. 


Welcome, Jenn! Yes, I do remember, and I look forward to seeing the book! 

We’re growing a nice community of organisers here, so I am sure that there will be people who can help you with  your NY state event! 


Hi there

I’m primarily here as the Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction literature, the UK’s premier prize for SF normally known as the Clarke Award.

Our broader mission is all about the positive promotion of science fiction literature, culture and community, which is where we start to see links with the conversation around diversity and inclusion and direct connection with events such as Ada Lovelace Day.

For the last 15 years though my day job has been in marketing, communications and sales, which is why most of my posts to date tend to have that kind of flavour to them. I’ve specialised in the arts, cultural and leisure areas, so museums, galleries and similar, which often being publicly funded also have specific objectives around new audience development and engagement, which I hope will also be useful in these conversations.

They also typically have great content but very little budget, so being creative and money conscious is very much part of my daily experience.

Finally, and briefly, via the Clarke Award I am currently engaged in a consumer research project in partnership with Birkbeck University London leading
a cultural investigation into the contemporary definitions and value of
Geek Culture as an important subsection of consumer culture.

We’re calling this the Geek Pound.



Hello, all - I’m one of Suw and Helen’s volunteers who has helped out with the live event for the past couple of years.  My day job is (broadly) in event organising.

(I shall enjoy vicariously all you here promising to talk about gardening.  I was quite good at gardening, back in the day, but alas now I don’t have a garden at all.  I really want one, but must admit it’s mainly so the hypothetical dog my kid longs for would have somewhere to shit…)




I got prodded here by Luehea. I'm an STEM academic, mainly research but also an ever increasing amount of teaching. From an equality point of view, my interests lie a bit more towards disability access in the field, as there are still a lot of "why do we have to bother with this" type attitudes out there. Outside of work I write fiction (mainly historical, but increasingly in the cross over area of psychological / paranormal), and am currently pretending to be an interior designer as we've just bought a house with some "interesting" decorative quirks.



Welcome, Neotoma! It’s lovely to have you here! 

We’ll have to start an interior design thread as I am faced with a similar house! The previous owner’s wife believed in fung shui so much of the house is painted in monkeyshit brown and olive drab. 


Crikey, there are some great people here!  Gulp 

I am a health and social care writer,  My work is designed to empower professionals and patients by giving them well researched facts about a particular issue of concern, be that NHS referral pathways into secondary care, ill health retirement pensions, how to get help from social services, or what kind of toothpaste they should be using!  I am committed to evidence based medicine.

I am delighted to hear that ‘kittens’ are allowed here, though, as a bit of frivolity now and again does no harm at all!



Welcome! It’s wonderful to see you here :slight_smile:


Welcome, TallPoppy!! And oh yes, we like kittens!! :D 


(Some of us also like dogs)



Hello everyone, lovely to see some familiar faces.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck into some of the discussions or have a chat in Ada’s Cafe if you want somewhere to warm up.

eniphaest :slight_smile:


Hello all,

I am a mother of two. I currently volunteer at my children’s schools and within my community. Professionally I was a forensic scientist specialising in very low copy number DNA for a decade or so. Which was great fun. My current area of special interest is vaccination, and I am right now part of a vaccine trial with the Oxford Vaccine Group (as in they’re injecting me with the trial vaccine or placebo) and I’m hoping to get more involved with their patient public involvement bit. I spend quite a lot of time discussing vaccination on a couple of forums I frequent.
Some people here may recognise me from this brief biography from another forum, with a different name but Rosewind is actually the name I have posted most as most prolifically on the Internet.
Nice to see you all,



Welcome, Rosewind! I shall have to make sure I don’t accidentally call you Rincewind. ;) 



Hello everyone,

I’m a long-term postdoc in parasitology, and have found myself becoming more and more interested in science policy, public engagement and the number/role of women in science over the last few years.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!



Welcome, Manely! I hope you enjoy the forum!



Oh this place really is buzzing, if not positively thronging! Welcome Rosewind. 



Hello again, I was Rubidium here, but then realised there is a Dr Rubidium on twitter, and people may think I am she. I am not, so I am now named for the little lone robot that Bruce Dern’s scenery-chewing in Silent Running sets free to garden in space for all eternity.



Just going to bump this, as I’m aware we’ve had a few new people registering recently. We’d love to hear about you, if you’re happy to do introductions.

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