Letters to a Pre-Scientist: snail mail on STEM for the next generation

Hi all,

[This is an international opportunity]

In the past year, I’ve been the (first-time) pen pal of a curious ten-year-old about my life in STEM. The pen pal organisation, Letters to a Pre-Scientist, is looking for us who focus on space, oceans, computers, engineering & machines, rocks, and weather. Apart from the letter-writing, LPS has also featured me in an Instagram story (19 November 2019) and on Twitter when I sent two copies of Bryony Mathew’s Qubits and Quiver Trees, a new children’s book on STEM careers, all the way to my pen pal’s class in October 2019. The books arrived in December 2019.

I’d love to share this opportunity with all the STEM university students and professionals I can find, and pass on the excitement of STEM to the next generation. If you happen to work on space, oceans, etc. as listed above, do reach out to LPS through the links given.

Cheers (and take care)!

Thanks, this looks like a great idea. I will take a look, although I am not sure if they would want me as I am not a scientist but a software architect :grin:

Oh, they’d be happy to have you on board (because computer and engineering experts are wanted. And you can rehash that :smirk: meme. Yes, “Trust Me I’m an Engineer”).

I already have a notebook with “Trust me, I’m a Software Architect” on the cover, so I must fit the bill :rofl:

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