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This Gay Man Was Given Repeated Electric Shocks By British Doctors To Make Him Straight
This is simultaneously heartbreaking and incredibly anger-inducing. The evil things people will do out of a misguided belief they’re for the best never fails to astound me.

I’m a trans woman and I don’t know how to do this
Now that gay rights have become - more or less - mainstream it seems the bigots have turned their ire to trans-people. This piece is an important read that shows how trans people are abused, threatened, demonised and generally made to question their right to exist. It links in very well with the previous article in that people who want nothing more than the right to live their lives honestly are driven to contemplating suicide to escape the people who feel that is too much to ask.

Some thoughts and disagreements on The Matrix as a trans allegory
I was a huge fan of The Matrix when it came out but I never saw this allegory in it. However, now it’s been pointed out it makes a huge amount of sense and almost makes me want to see the sequels again.



In a surprising follow-up to the first story I posted, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has apologised for the damage they caused to LGBTQ people under the guise of treatment. It’s a really good apology too, there’s no equivocation or minimisation of what was done and it feels genuine.

Psychiatrists Have Issued A Historic Admission Of The Harm Done By Aversion Therapy



This is a fantastic piece written by the mother of a transgender girl.

Hit by “Trans-Friendly” Fire

If there is nothing bad or unnatural – nothing less than – about being trans, nothing inferior about my transgender daughter, then why do people ask me such stupid questions and express such surprise at my daughter’s ability to know, like all cisgender kids get to, who she is and what she wants? If there’s nothing inferior or invalid about being trans, why do parents regularly stand before me announcing with confidence that their unborn child won’t end up like mine?