Looking for Female STEM Role models for event in Norwich

This April 23rd myself and some colleagues  are hosing a conference (http://nextgenstemm.org.uk/wotf/)for year 10 girls… 300 of them! The aim is to encourage them to study STEMM subjects, raise their career aspirations of teenage girls and facilitate engagement with world class scientists and leaders.   As you will see we have some amazing speakers and fabulous sponsors already signed up. 

I am currently looking for female 'role models'  for a workshop to showcase non-academic science careers. If this is something you'd like to participate in please get in contact! I'm especially looking for role models who are chemists,mathematicians/statisticians, game/app developers and also someone from the biotech sector.

We have limited funding but should be able to reimburse travel costs from the South-East. 


Welcome to the forum, patronn. I hope you manage to find some suitable role models.

eniphaest :slight_smile:


Welcome, Patronn! I will put a tweet out for you about this on @findingada, but it would be great to know a little bit more about what you’d like your guests to do. Will they be giving a talk? Or a Q&A? If you could describe in a bit more detail what you’re looking for, then it will be easier to promote!