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I’d be grateful if you could share any links suitable for the ALD newsletter here. I’m looking for positive content, so awards, research that suggestions useful interventions, sites that help women in STEM, interesting books, stuff that will in general leave people feeling good.


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The Status of Undergraduate Women at MIT

I don’t know if it’s ‘good news’ as such, but it describes a way forward and I think deserves a wide reading,

What use are women’s networks? We need less talk and more action from businesses

Part of the problem is that it tends to be mainly women who are involved in diversity projects and mentoring networks, while men at the top are busy making the decisions that have the greatest impact. All the brilliant women’s networking in the world can’t help female candidates if the opportunity to reach the executive board is decided by a group of men calling on those they already know and socialise with.

I’m halfway through reading that! I think actionable articles are also good.

WISE jobs site for jobs in STEM

[BIMA][1]'s Top 100 List: includes lots of Women in STEM!

WES’ upcoming CPD conference to support Women in Engineering:

Inspiring the future, Redraw the Balance:

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I don’t know if this is what you’re after but I thought it was really useful. It’s from the Women in Astronomy blog.

[Sexual Harassment – Changing the System][1]

For those who turn a blind eye, how do we make them see the damage being done by one of their colleagues? For those who knew what was going on but felt powerless, how do we provide them with the means to make a difference? How can we turn spectators into allies and allies into advocates?

Here are a few simple tips on how to get started.

It’s US-focused by a lot of it can be applied anywhere.

I’m sort of after more upbeat stuff – so things like the Inspiring the Future video that Jess posted, or the WES stuff. There’s so much miserable stuff out there, I’d like to focus on the really positive and productive stuff, so conferences, events, certain types of reports (ie not too miserable), campaigns, exhibitions, etc. I want people to see the links and feel interested and inspired, so really anything that provokes those sorts of reactions.

That’s not to say that these reports into sexual harassment aren’t important, but there are also a lot of other outlets covering that stuff that I would prefer to stay positive.