Plan for series of women in STEM posters

So, I’m waiting for the test print of my Ada Lovelace poster before I launch it, but I want to produce a series of at least six posters before October.

Question is, which other five women in STEM should I pick? I want a good mix of famous and not-so-famous, as well as to make sure that they’re not all white and western. My current thoughts are:

  • Susan LaFlesche Picott – Native American physician and public health reformer
  • Mary Anning – paeleontologist
  • Chien-Shiung Wu – physicist
  • Grace Hopper – computer programmer
  • Rosalind Franklin – x-ray crystallographer
  • Mae Jemison – astronaut
  • Florence Nightingale – statistician

I’m pretty set on LaFlesche Picott and Anning, but the rest are up for grabs.

I’m a bit worried that Wu’s achievements are a little tricky to describe in a poster - she was an experimental physicist who worked on radiation, she disproved the theory of the conservation of parity, which no one now has even heard of, and her colleagues got the Nobel, but she didn’t.

Hopper is relatively easy, but should I have two computer scientists in the first batch of six?

Franklin’s a bit of a shoe-in, really. Pretty easy to both describe her accomplishments and find appropriate illustrations for it.

Mae Jemison is interesting. I obviously want to make sure that women of colour are represented, but although Jemison is known as the first African American to go into space, she actually only went once. And when you look for black women in STEM, what you often find are “First African American woman to do X”, which feels a bit… unsatisfactory. I want to be able to say ‘Person who discovered X or did Y’ and not have to rely on ‘first’. I’m aware that I’ve used “first” with Ada’s poster, but I want that to be the exception not the rule.

Nightingale is also interesting as there appears to be some controversy over the extent to which she really did use stats in hospital reform, so I need to read up on her a bit more. That might just be a bit of whitewashing by her detractors to try to undermine her legacy, same as happens with Ada. I’d like to do something, though, as I know she’s taught in schools, but always as ‘the lady with the lamp’ and never as ‘kick-ass statistician’.

So, any other suggestions? How would you prioritise this list? Who would you add?

The test A0 poster arrived this morning and, as well as being huge, looks fantastic!

There are perhaps a couple of things I might change. I was worried about the font of “Ada Lovelace”, and I am really not happy with the gap around the O, but there’s no way I can kern it as Photoshop Elements does not support kerning, so I’m considering changing the font. Also a few changes to the text that I might make.

I was mostly worried about how the background would look, whether it’s too orange. At the moment, I’m ok with it, though happy to hear opinions.

Ohhhh, pretty!

(I’ll try and think of something more constructive to say later.)

Right, so I have got a couple of options for the font for Ada’s name. I’m not hugely happy with the current one as the gaps between the L, O and V, and to some extent the A and C, are too big, and because I’m on a cut-down version of Photoshop I can’t fix them. So I’ve had to look for a font that has better kerning. I’ve come up with two options:

Font 1:

Font 2:

Any thoughts?

I would rather go for the font 1 because it’s less complicated than font 2. On the other hand, I like the more uniform colour look of font 2, the upper part of font 1 seems a bit thin.

Hi Mvy! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your comment!

I see exactly what you’re seeing… and then when you add in the original font, which is nice and solid but perhaps a bit too blocky, I’m still entirely undecided!

There’s also a part of me that thinks that font 1 is a bit wispy and feminine, which is not the look I’m going for. I want bold and resonant, not girly.

The original font seems not to be in the general theme of the poster. Maybe that’s why :slight_smile:
In addition, I think the colours drags the eyes on the upper part of the letters, which is not natural for a reader.

Have you tried to use the standard font you use for the rest of the poster with the current colour and size of the title? Sometimes, the simplest is the best.

The feel I’m going for is ‘Victorian’, vaguely. The layout is far from how the Victorians would have done it, but I want that headline font to feel a bit ‘of a time’, if that makes sense.

I will try the Adobe Caslon as the headline font, but I fear it may be too weedy.

I have a friend who’s going to fix the kerning for me, so I may just leave it to him to pick the font. :wink:

I think I prefer the second font, though I’m not sure why. I still think the kerning looks odd in the first one, but maybe that’s just me.

The kerning is odd, which is part of the problem! But a friend of mine is going to fix that, hopefully, and I’ve actually ended up asking him to just pick font for me!!

Oh okay, forgive me I’m slow tonight! Looking good, though, in general - and not too orange! :smile:

Poster now on sale!! W00t!!!

Slightly nervous as I’ve not done a test print of this, but the previous version looked find so I’m not sure I have to.

Spiral notebooks now also available, just £8! Bargain!

Oohs, I’m definitely going to get me one of those. (When I’m home and can order on my laptop, I have this stupid aversion to putting my bank details into my iPad which I know is silly but I’m a Luddite at heart).

I have finally remembered to buy one. I can’t wait for it to arrive :smile:

Yay!! :smiley: