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I love podcasts and I thought it was about time we had somewhere to highlight good podcasts and episodes.

First up has to be our very own Finding Ada podcast hosted by Suw.

The UK’s National Archives has a fascinating podcast series which covers all sorts of subjects, including those that are of interest here. I really recommend going through their archive to see what they have on offer, and suggest starting with their recent episode on the history of the WI.

Stuff Mom Never Told You is a great podcast covering a wealth of topics involving women. It’s fairly US-centric but a lot of what they cover has much broader appeal.

BBC World Service has a fascinating series called The ‘Documentary’ which covers anything and everything. Again, I really recommend looking in their archive because you’re bound to find something of interest They had a series last year called ‘Young, Geeky and Black’ which looks at ways disadvantaged women are being encouraged to pursue careers in tech. There are episodes from
I also recommend Shea Gold and Forgotten Girls of Dhaka.

I’ll end with an article,
Women-led podcasts take a risk others won’t: admitting they don’t know everything



The latest episode of the ‘Documentary’ podcast should be required listening for everyone here. It’s called “Women with the Right Stuff” and looks at the history of women astronauts and how their achievements have been sidelined. Some really interesting stuff from Helen Sharman in particular.

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More or Less have had interesting segments in their two latest episodes,

Is there a gender pay gap? 26/08/2016 (first story)

“This topic has been in the news this week after the Institute for Fiscal Studies published research showing women end up 33% worse off than their male counterparts after they have children. But earlier in the summer, Fraser Nelson wrote in the Telegraph that the pay gap is “no longer an issue” for women born after 1975. Can both assessments be true? And could the label “gender pay gap” be hindering our understanding of what really lies behind the numbers?”

Do women’s periods sync? 2/9/2016

It is a commonly held belief that if women spend time together, their bodies start to sync and they will have their periods at the same time. But where does this idea come from? And is it really true? We look at the evidence and wonder - could it be down to chance?

If the links are dead they should still be available on iTunes.