Profiles of organisations working with women in STEM

I am looking at ways that I can support Ada Lovelace Day on an ongoing basis, and have begun an experiment with, where people can pledge to give a chosen amount each month. Our new page is here:

In return, I’m going to write profiles of organisations that work with, support, or celebrate women in STEM, such as BCS Women, the Women’s Engineering Society, the Women in Physics Group, STEMettes, ScienceGrrl and TechMums. 

The question I have for you is, what sort of information would you find useful in such a profile? 

The obvious things to include would be: 

Location: as in, which country(ies) do they work in
Contact points: email, phone, address where relevant
Description: short
Grants, prizes: Things with money attached
Awards, honours: Things without money attached
Events: Generic info about what sort of conferences, awards ceremonies, meet-ups, talks, etc. they run
Calendar for 2015: Key dates, including grant deadlines, meetings, events. 
Membership criteria if any
Membership perks
How you can get involved
Long description

What else would you want to know? 

That looks like a pretty good list (she says with classic British understatement :wink: ). I will have a ponder and see if I can think of anything else.

Thanks Fishnut!