Teachers! How do you plan your lessons?


Teachers! One thing that would be very useful for us to know is how you plan lessons, what kinds of materials you might use, and what sort of resources you’re looking for. For example, if you’re are planning to do a lesson around Ada Lovelace Day on women in STEM for a year 7 class, what sort of things would you be looking for? What shape would your lesson plan take? What sort of resources would you need? If you could ask for all that to be delivered to you on a silver salver, what would you hope to get?

I look forward to your answers!



From a response via Twitter:

In terms of when I’m looking at delivering sessions, I prefer a powerpoint with any worksheets alongside.
Lesson plans aren’t helpful, as my school has a set proforma and it doesn’t allow me to differentiate sufficiently

I asked if they could share their proforma lesson plan.

Will have to ask my head - and every school’s varies (if they use them)! Do search for “Five Minute Lesson Plan” though

Useful stuff. Can anyone else share info like this?



Five Minute Lesson Plan:


Includes online free software:

So how can we apply this?



More lesson plan templates: