The clothes maketh the woman


This is an interesting piece on staff reviews by students and how they are often sexist in their comments. It’s specifically about a mass email that was sent round a law school after students had clearly added sartorial advice for their female lecturers one too many times. I do feel that women have a minefield to walk through when it comes to ‘appropriate’ attire that men don’t have. Of course, it could easily (and accurately) be argued that men are more restricted and less able to express their personality when it comes to business clothing but as someone with the fashion sense of a hagfish I’d much rather be in men’s shoes than the women’s I currently occupy*.

* And even shoes are a problem - heals? no heals? how to get something that looks good without being impractical? You seem to need different styles depending on what you are wearing. Give me simple lace-ups and trousers any day (which is, in fact, what I managed to find after months of searching :slight_smile: ).



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