Thoughts on being childless


A blog here about not having children. Interesting that she mentioned both her and her husband not entirely being convinced about it, but it seeming the thing to do because everyone else is doing it.

It didn’t work out for them and she seems to have made peace with that, reflecting on how her marriage feels stronger for it.

ETA: I’ve picked the word ‘childless’ for the title, because that is the word used in the blog. It is no judgement on anyone who chooses not to have children - I know there has been a move to use ‘childfree’ instead.



Child-free and OK with it — but still dealing with moral scolding and social disapproval
This is interesting but I’m starting to feel that these stories only reflect a subset of child-free people’s lives rather than being as universal as they’re portrayed. I’m single and child-free (both happily so) and I have friends both single and in relationships who are child-free and who haven’t had any pressure from people to have kids. Maybe my friends and I are just such awful people that people look at us and think ‘thank god they’ve not procreated’ but I doubt it somehow.

I’m not complaining that I’m not pressured to have kids (though my very vocal views on kids and my dislike of them have probably helped there!) I’m just curious why there are still people who are getting pressured. I wonder if it’s a geographical thing (a lot of the articles I see about it are from the US but then so are the majority of my reading these days) or a class thing or if something else is going on.