Women in academia


I can’t believe I haven’t made this thread before now.

Why don’t women peer review as often as men? Fewer invites and RSVPs, researchers say
An interesting discussion of research looking at peer review and peer reviewers.



This article looks interesting too Patchy progress on fixing global gender disparities in science - the report it references is linked in the quote, and might be worth a read.

The report by the publisher Elsevier found that despite their moderate advances, women still published fewer articles than men, and were much less likely to be listed as first or last authors on a paper. Citation rates, however, were roughly equal: although female authors were cited slightly less than male authors, work authored by women was downloaded at slightly higher rates.



A great list of articles and research here (also posted to the ALD fb group):



This is a really thought-provoking and personal reflection of a life in academia as a woman.

Women and relationships in academia: a curious journey of self-reflection



Harassment in science is real
This pieces doesn’t really say anything new, although the glacier metaphors are quite fun, but it’s the fact it’s being reported in Science and without any of the equivocating we often see.



Women’s visibility in academic seminars: women ask fewer questions than men
A preprint of research into question asking behaviour in academic seminars.

Men and women differed in the importance they attributed to different factors preventing them from asking questions, with women rating internal factors (e.g., not working up the nerve) as more important than men.