Women of the Doodson Tide Machine


I’ve been interested in the women who ran the Doodson Tide Machine ever since seeing a bit about it on TV. Mentioned this on Twitter and the lovely @EnglishFolkfan did some delving!

@findingada_tk Arthur Thomas Doodson’s DiL is Valerie Lyn Doodson https://t.co/UVFSJXM9N2 from this website with photo https://t.co/m0oQj2lgDt

@findingada_tk The info says Consultants - V. Doodson M.B.E. and T Doodson so you maybe able to track them / descendants down?

@findingada_tk MBE 1996 Doodson, Mrs Valerie Lyn, higher scient offr, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, serv science.

@findingada_tk Bidston Observatory https://t.co/cXczo199FD has info btl 19jun2015 from staff & is them on cannon photo on the Flaybrick website

@findingada_tk ps failed to link a Doodson family member who may know of Valerie & Thomas & who submitted this entry https://t.co/QWqkyHlA9w

@findingada_tk pps more info & pic from last year https://t.co/BITCtQwJqg + that cannon photo with names :slight_smile: https://t.co/HWl96WfXkA

@findingada_tk Repeat of BBC Local Heroes with Adam Hart-Davis may’ve been the programme? 19.30 Mon 19apr1999 https://t.co/25AX7MyRCs

Awesome stuff, must do more digging!