Women's research during covid-19

There have been a number of articles recently (such as this by STAT), covering research that shows the number of papers published by women has dropped during the pandemic.

One issue is that women are often faced with more caring responsibilities, such as for children, and with schools closed they do not have the time to concentrate on looking after their children and getting their research done. And for those who are single mothers or a member of a minority, it is even tougher.

Is there anything that can be done to support women in this situation? And are you a woman finding your career affected by extra responsibilities during the pandemic?

There was a really good episode of The Bunker podcast recently about the impact of COVID-19 on women, which is well worth a listen.

Coronavirus has put women out of work more frequently than men, led to a spike in domestic violence, pushed women’s healthcare down the list of priorities, and set the scene for a mental health crisis for women. Yet politicians appear blind to the pandemic’s gendered consequences. Dr Clare Wenham, Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy at the LSE, talks to Helen Lewis about how the pandemic has hit women hardest, and what we will need to learn from it.

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Thanks Suw - there’s a piece here in Nature about the issue, with suggestions on how it can be tackled:


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Another piece here in Scientific American, suggesting there could be lasting career damage due to the pandemic. Again, they talk about the difficulties women face combining their work and childcare responsibilities.

Mothers in Science are currently running a survey to find out about parenting while being a scientist, so please take a look and share with others.