Worldwide events for 2015 - what are you doing?


If you’re organising an event for the 200th anniversary of Ada’s birth, then please do share what you’re going to be doing in this section (you can start your own thread if you’d like). If you’d like to do something but aren’t sure what, then start a thread and we’ll help you come up with some ideas! 

Last year, we had an ALD event in 5 continents, and this year we’d very much like to go for a full house. We had over 65 events in total, and it would be great to have over 100 events this year, so please do get involved! 


Do you have any tips for organising an event? I’m unaffiliated at the moment but would really like to try and do something locally and have absolutely no idea where to start.



I’m loosely affiliated to a ScienceGrrl “chapter” that has events. We do international women’s day and ada Lovelace day at the local museum - I have a USB digital microscope and have things hidden in boxes like butterflies and mosses and show that while chatting about science.

Check your local group - there is one in Bristol



Thanks for the advice, Luehea, I will tweet the Bristol organiser when I can think of something coherent to say :slight_smile:



We have this rather, erm, sparse page on the website:

I am sure we could do better though. 


That looks very useful. I just need to find some co-conspirators. Maybe an advert in the local paper? (While I’m close to Bristol I’m not actually in it and I’d really like to try and do something in my home town, but (for various boring reasons) I don’t know many people here.



Fishnut, it might be worth looking to see if there’s an existing sciency group that meets, and getting in touch with them. Most people rather like new volunteers who offer to do stuff!! 



That’s a good point, though from what I’ve seen everything round here seems to be very Bristol focused. I’m in a town of about 20,000 and there’s other smaller towns very close by, but there’s nothing locally. I’ve looked in the past and I just looked again to see if there was anything but I can’t find anything on and googling for my home town with skeptics, science or feminism comes up with nothing of relevance.




Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y., U.S.A. is holding its second Ada Lovelace Day program for 2015. Danielle Horowitz, a 2005 Hofstra Department of Computer Science graduate, will be our speaker for this year’s Ada Lovelace Day.

Liz Scott for the
Ada Lovelace Day committee
Department of Computer Science



Fabulous news! We’re just in the process of getting a new events calendar installed on our website, so I’ll ping you when that’s done and you can add it to our list!